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“Menu trends today are beginning to shift from ingredient-based items to concept-based ideas, mirroring how consumers tend to adapt their activities to their overall lifestyle philosophies, such as environmental sustainability and nutrition. Also among the top trends for 2017 we’re seeing several examples of house-made food items and various global flavors, indicating that chefs and restaurateurs are further experimenting with from-scratch preparation and a broad base of flavors.” - Hudson Riehle, senior vice president of the National Restaurant Association’s research and knowledge group


1. New cuts of meat

2.Street food-inspired dishes

3.Healthful kids’ meals

4.House-made charcuterie

5.Sustainable seafood

6.Ethnic-inspired breakfast items

7.House-made condiments

8.Authentic ethnic cuisine

9.Heirloom fruits and vegetables

10.African flavors

11.Ethnic spices

12.House-made sausage

13.House-made pickles

14.Ancient grains

15.House-made/artisan ice cream

16.Whole grain items in kids’ meals

17.Protein-rich grains/seeds

18.Artisan cheeses

19.Savory desserts

20.Gourmet items in kids’ meals

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